Monday, October 02, 2006

Farm Aid's got Silk; Rice Krispies go organic

I was cruising the wires earlier to see what has been happening over the weekend in agriculture news that I may have missed and noticed a story on the Associated Press wire about the Farm Aid concert over the weekend raising $1.5 million.

This year's big concert was held in New Jersey, which I find somewhat interesting. I know New Jersey is the Garden State and all, but as a West Coaster for most of my life, Camden, N.J., just isn't anywhere near the top of my mind when I think of agriculture. But I guess the Farm Aid concert isn't about entertaining the farming community as it is about building awareness, and raising money, from the masses.

However, I have a suggestion for the Farm Aid folks. Perhaps they should brings their ag benefit concert to the nation's biggest agriculture state, California. The last time I looked, there was a pretty good population base there too, so maybe they could tie in some farm tours of the diverse agriculture of California along with the good music from folks like Dave Matthews, John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson.

Although I'm not sure how thrilled California's dairy farmers would be with one of this year's major Farm Aid sponsors, Silk Soymilk, which wrote a check for $250,000 to aid the cause this year. (By the way, the other major corporate sponsor, to the tune of $153,000, was Chevrolet, which is now using the song "Our Country" by FarmAid co-founder Mellencamp to promote its vehicles.)

Have you been seeing those Silk Soymilk commercials on TV, with the cows using Silk? There's something about those commercials that seems to be poking fun at the Happy Cows commercials, but I can't quite put my finder on why it seems like that to me.

And speaking of commercials, have you seen the commercials on TV lately for the organic Rice Krispies? Kellogg's is now marketing organic varieties of some of its popular breakfast cereals and a Keebler snack foods. I wonder if the packaging is organic too.

As Mellencamp once sang, "but ain't that America, for you and me...."

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: JustaDog said...

Silk White Wave is GREAT!

Not only does it taste great but it does no have the animal puss and hormones that regular milk has.

Try it, you'll like it.

We haven't had animal milk in over 10 years! White wave is available at Costco too - better price than the union stores.

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