Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Oregon GMO wheat investigation ended - AgMinute for September 30, 2014

The investigation into the unauthorized release in Oregon has ended without any determinations about the source of the biotech wheat, though USDA continues to believe it was an isolated incident and none of the crop entered commerce. Click Here for the full story

Unauthorized GMO wheat in Montana - AgMinute for September 29, 2014

USDA said more biotech wheat was found at a former field trial site in Montana but it's unrelated to a 2013 unauthorized release in Oregon. The agency has ended its investigation into the Oregon incident without firm conclusions as to its source. Click Here for the full story

Friday, September 26, 2014

Outlook bright for livestock, dairy - AgMinute for September 26, 2014

An economic outlook by University of Missouri's FAPRI projects high prices for the livestock and dairy sectors and lower prices for the grains and oilseed sectors, resulting in livestock receipts eclipsing crop receipts in 2014 -- which last occurred in 2005. Click Here for the full story

Thursday, September 25, 2014

East Idaho farm teaches fourth-graders about ag - AgMinute for September 25, 2014

Swore Farms in southeast Idaho has an annual tradition of inviting all of fourth-graders in the Pocatello-Chubbuck school district to come and learn about agriculture. Click here for the full story

Idaho cropland rent increases - AgMinute for September 24, 2014

Idaho farmers weren't surprised to hear that the average cost to rent irrigated cropland increased $20 an acre this year. The average rent expense for all cropland in Idaho is estimated at $151 an acre, an increase of $12 over 2013. Click here for the full story

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Grant seeks to grow Idaho farm to school program - AgMinute for September 23, 2014

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture will use a $18,000 federal grant to conduct four events around the state designed to increase the amount of local food being included in school menus. Click here for the full story

Monday, September 22, 2014

FDA releases revised produce rule - AgMinute for September 22, 2014

FDA officials say the agency's revised produce rule would provide more flexibility for farmers to meet proposed water quality standards. The revisions were announced today on the Federal Register website. Click here for the full story

Water will flow until October in Treasure Valley - AgMinute for September 19, 2014

Irrigation districts in southwestern Idaho won't cease delivering water to farmers until the first part of October, a month later than last year. They also expect to have a decent amount of carryover water left for the 2015 season. Click here for the full story

Lawsuit could impact Idaho agriculture - AgMinute for September 18, 2014

A pending lawsuit targeting Idaho Wildlife Services could impact Idaho agriculture since 88 percent of the agency's funding is used to protect agriculture, especially livestocck producers, from predators. Click here for the full story

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Idaho farm groups fund road safety PSA - AgMinute for September 17, 2014

Last year was one of the deadliest in recent memory in Idaho for fatal crashes involving automobiles and farm equipment and two farm bureau groups have teamed up with the Idaho State Police on a public service announcement that urges people to be cautious and patient around farm vehicles. Click here for the full story

Proposed Galloway dam studies continue - AgMinute for September 16, 2014

The Idaho Water Resources Board considers a proposed 750,000 acre-foot dam and reservoir on the Weiser River to be one of its top priorities. The board recently took a significant step forward in its efforts to study whether the project is feasible. Click here for the full story

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

USDA boosts corn, soybean harvest to new records - AgMinute for September 15, 2014

Record corn yields will be set in 18 states, the USDA said, and 10 states including Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska, the top three producers, have the highest number of ears per corn stalk ever. Click here for the full story

Idaho Potato Commission targets Hispanic consumers - AgMinute for September 12, 2014

The Idaho Potato Commission is encouraged by survey results showing strong national recognition for its brand and loyalty by female Hispanic consumers. Click here for the full story

FSA urges quick action on grazing claims - AgMinute for September 11, 2014

Compensation payments for grazing losses will be reduced, so the Farm Service Agency is urging livestock producers to file claims by the end of September. Click here for the full story

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Farm bill provides new conservation easement program - AgMinute for September 10, 2014

USDA will invest $328 million in conservation easements to protect and restore farmland, grasslands and wetlands under a new program that consolidates three former easement programs administered by Natural Resources Conservation Service. Click here for the full story

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Farmers, Monsanto reach tentative deal - AgMinute for September 9, 2014

A tentative settlement deal has been reached in a lawsuit between soft white wheat growers and the Monsanto Co. over an unauthorized release of biotech wheat last year. Details are not yet available. Click here for the full story

Monday, September 08, 2014

USDA denies zebra chip grant - AgMinute for September 8, 2014

A major multi-state grant to research zebra chip disease was recently denied funding for an additional five years. Click here for the full story

Judge refuses to dismiss Idaho ‘ag gag’ challenge - AgMinute for September 5, 2014

A federal judge Thursday refused to dismiss a lawsuit challenging Idaho’s so-called ‘ag gag’ law, which prohibits secret recordings of agricultural operations. Click here for the full story

New Idaho board provides $225,000 to control wolves - AgMinute for September 4, 2014

Idaho Wildlife Services will receive $225,000 from the new Idaho wolf depredation board this year to help fund its wolf control efforts. The USDA agency has lost about $700,000 in funding since 2009, which has reduced its efforts to control depredating wolves. Click here for the full story

IPC ends relationship with fitness expert - AgMinute for September 3, 2014

The Idaho Potato Commission has ended its business relationship with fitness and nutrition expert Denise Austin. Click here for the full story

Teenager’s drone worried firefighting crews - AgMinute for September 2, 2014

Drones may be a problem for firefighters if the drones fly into restricted airspace over and near a wildfire, where air tankers and helicopters could be in the air, said Mike Ferris, a spokesman in Portland for the U.S. Forest Service. Click here for the full story

GMO initiative recruits farmers to dispel myths - AgMinute for September 1, 2014

Potato farmers are being sought to help a year-old organization formed to educate the public about genetically engineered crops answer questions from consumers. Click here for the full story

Judge rules against county GMO regulations - AgMinute for August 29, 2014

A court ruling on genetically modified organism regulations in Hawaii's Kauai County may have implications for other litigation over biotech crops. Click here for the full story

U.S. imposed duties on Mexican sugar - AgMinute for August 28, 2014

The U.S. government has made a preliminary decision to impose duties on imported Mexican sugar, in response to complaints by U.S. sugar producers. Click here for the full story

Idaho’s bean harvest off to good start - AgMinute for August 27, 2014

With harvest under way, Idaho farmers say this year's bean crop looks good but there are concerns about possible mold issues in the Magic Valley area because of heavy August rains. Click here for the full story

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