Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Curtailed negotiations may prolong port congestion - AgMinute for November 25, 2014

Curtailed negotiations between the longshoremen's union and container terminal operators may prolong congestion at West Coast ports, impeding exports of farm products. Click here for the full story

Gobbling up more green - AgMinute for November 24, 2014

Ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner for a family of 10 are 37 cents more expensive this year, according to the American Farm Bureau. Click here for the full story

Hydrologist predicts neutral Southern Idaho winter outlook - AgMinute for November 21, 2014

A National Weather Service climatologist says conditions are in line for Eastern Idaho to get a start on its mountain snow pack, but the winter outlook is for a weak El Nino pattern, which could bring slightly warmer and drier than normal weather to the state in the coming months. Click here for the full story

Idaho Cattle Association backs GMO feed - AgMinute for November 20, 2014

The Idaho Cattle Association has taken a stance in favor of genetically modified crops. Click here for the full story

Researcher: Climate talks should focus on solutions - AgMinute for November 19, 2014

An Iowa State University sociology professor who examined differences in opinion between climate scientists and farmers about climate change advises the scientists to focus more on on-farm solutions in their conversations with growers. Click here for the full story

Monday, November 24, 2014

Asia, South America key for PNW soft white wheat exports - AgMinute for November 18, 2014

Growth in Pacific Northwest wheat export markets will come with patience, an analyst tells producers at annual convention. Click here for the full story

Economist: Dairy prices headed correction in 2015 - AgMinute for November 17, 2014

A dairy economist told Idaho milk producers to brace for lower prices next year and she said that prices for class III milk, which is used to produce cheese, could fall to about $15.50 per hundredweight in May before starting to rebound. Click here for the full story

Idaho zebra chip trials inconclusive - AgMinute for November 14, 2014

For a second consecutive year, Idaho research to develop chemical program recommendations for zebra chip has yielded inconclusive results. Click here for the full story

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Monsanto to pay $2.4 million to wheat farmers, groups - AgMinute for November 13, 2014

Monsanto will pay nearly $2.4 million to soft white wheat growers and wheat organizations to settle litigation over an unauthorized release of biotech wheat in Oregon. Click here for the full story

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Large, quality spuds in short supply despite higher yields - AgMinute for November 12, 2014

USDA shows potato yields are up in throughout the Northwest and nationwide, yet prices of fresh potato cartons continue strengthening. Click here for the full story

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

President could act in event of port shutdown - AgMinute for November 11, 2014

If the escalating dispute between longshoremen and container terminal operators leads to a shutdown of West Coast ports, the federal government has the power to temporarily re-open them. Click here for the full story

Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations continue - AgMinute for November 10, 2014

The Trans-Pacific Partnership now being negotiated would meld the trade policies of the U.S. and 11 Asian and Central and South Americans nations for agricultural products and other goods. In addition to the U.S., Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam are involved. Visit www.capitalpress.com for more information

Monday, November 10, 2014

Container slowdown spreads to California ports - AgMinute for November 7, 2014

Shipments of perishable crops are getting bogged down by major congestion at Northwest ports due to a labor contract dispute between the longshoremen’s union and container terminal operators. Click here for the full story

COOL wins in court, but still at odds with WTO - AgMinute for November 6, 2014

An appellate court's denial last week of plaintiffs' request to rehear their lawsuit against the country-of-origin meat-labeling rule highlights a clash of sorts between law and politics, as international pressure to amend or rescind the rule may coax Congress to act. Click here for the full story

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Idaho vineyards producing large fruit loads - AgMinute for November 5, 2014

With Idaho's wine grape harvest winding down, vintners say total production this year will be well above normal. Growers in both North and South Idaho are reporting huge crop loads. Click here for the full story

August rains boost upper Snake water carryover - AgMinute for November 4, 2014

Monsoon-like rains that hammered wheat and barley fields in Eastern and Southern Idaho in August have improved the water supply situation in the upper Snake River reservoir system. Click here for the full story

Farmer buys property for $550,000 to stop subdivision - AgMinute for November 3, 2014

A court fight between a group of farmers and a county commission over a planned 44-home subdivision in the middle of 12 square miles of farm ground has been resolved. One of the farmers will buy the 55-acre property for $550,000 and turn it back into farmland. Click here for the full story

Dairy industry major driver in Idaho’s economy - AgMinute for October 31, 2014

A new economic study on Idaho's dairy industry shows its large contributions to employment and economic activity in the state. In 2012, the industry generated 23,000 jobs and contributed more than $2.2 billion to the state's gross domestic product. Click here for the full story

Monday, November 03, 2014

Amy’s Kitchen factory bodes well for Idaho organic ag - AgMinute for October 30, 2014

The arrival of a large manufacturer of organic convenience food in Pocatello, Idaho, could lead to considerable growth in the state's organic agriculture industry. Click here for the full story

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