Friday, May 30, 2014

USDA seeks partnerships to protect soil, water - AgMinute for May 29, 2014

Authorized by the new farm bill enacted earlier this year, the Regional Conservation Partnership Program is intended to involve the private sector more directly in planning and funding environmental protection initiatives tied to agriculture. Click here for the full story

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Congress urges end to EU trade barriers against U.S. dairy - AgMinute for May 28, 2014

Congress and the U.S. dairy industry are pushing trade negotiators to resolve the EU's use of geographic indicators for common cheese names to block U.S. exports to the EU and its trading partners. Click here for the full story

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Three-way mill deal gets government scrutiny - AgMinute for May 27, 2014

The federal government has struck a deal with several agribusiness giants that it accused of antitrust violations. Click here for the full story

PNW cherry growers anticipate big season - AgMinute for May 26, 2014

Cherry growers in the Pacific Northwest are hopeful of a great season of a large crop at good prices, fueled by pent up retail demand caused by a California debacle. Click here for the full story

Friday, May 23, 2014

2013 milk receipts break record - AgMinute for May 23, 2014

U.S. milk receipts hit a record $40.3 billion in 2013, with California leading the way. That gross income was up 8.7 percent from 2012 with an 8.4 percent increase in the average all-milk price. Click here for the full story

Branded beef now the norm - AgMinute for May 22, 2014

Once a niche product, branded beef now accounts for more than half the product sold. Click here for the full story

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bill backs fresh spuds in WIC - AgMinute for May 21, 2014

Lawmakers supportive of the potato industry are going forward with a new plan to force the inclusion of fresh, white potatoes in the federal Women, Infants and Children nutrition program. Click here for the full story

Banning chocolate milk in schools has consequences - AgMinute for May 20, 2014

A Cornell University study of 11 elementary schools in Oregon that removed chocolate milk from school lunches showed a decrease in milk consumption, both in decreased sales and increased waste. Click here for the full story

Monday, May 19, 2014

High prices pose dilemma for cattlemen - AgMinute for May 19, 2014

With prices in record territory, cattlemen face choice of selling heifers or keeping them to expand their herds. Click here for the full story

Mexican buyers express interest in U.S. spuds - AgMinute for May 16, 2014

U.S. Potato Board leaders believe attendance at a recent trade event shows strong interest in expanded trade opportunities in the country for fresh, U.S. potatoes. Click here for the full story

Idaho barley crop ahead of schedule - AgMinute for May 15, 2014

BOISE, Idaho — Planting of Idaho’s barley crop is a bit ahead of schedule, and growers are pleased by their early growth, said Idaho Barley Commission Administrator Kelly Olson. Click here for the full story

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Value of Idaho dairy exports jump 94 percent - AgMinute for May 14, 2014

Increasing global demand for cheese was a major factor behind a 94 percent increase in the value of Idaho dairy exports during the first quarter of 2014. Industry experts expect Idaho dairy exports to continue to increase but at a much slower rate. Click here for the full story

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Idaho irrigators expect prolonged natural flows - AgMinute for May 13, 2014

Cold and damp spring weather appears to be leading toward an ideal snowmelt situation in Idaho. Click here for the full story

Monday, May 12, 2014

Preliminary ITC ruling finds injury from Mexican sugar dumping - AgMinute for May 12, 2014

The U.S. International Trade Commission has sided with American sugar producers that claims regarding the alleged dumping of subsidized Mexican sugar on the U.S. market should be investigated. Click here for the full story

Friday, May 09, 2014

GM apple approval may come soon, backer says - AgMinute for May 9, 2014

Production and sales of genetically-modified, non-browning apples may be approved soon in the U.S. and a few months later in Canada. The developer is planning to ramp up propagation. Click here for the full story

Pacific Northwest cherry outlook good - AgMinute for May 8, 2014

The Pacific Northwest may produce a near record cherry crop this season if not interrupted by bad weather. California growers wish they had more. Click here for the full story

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Economists predict stable Idaho ag income in 2014 - AgMinute for May 7, 2014

Total net farm income in Idaho should remain stable this year compared with 2013, according to Idaho ag economists. USDA is projecting farm income in the United States will drop by about 27 percent this year. Click here for the full story

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Dairymen, milk processors help food banks - AgMinute for May 6, 2014

U.S. dairymen and milk processors have teamed up with Feeding America in the Great American Milk Drive, a program that allows people to easily donate milk to foodbanks across the country. Click here for the full story

Drought impacted Ag Census findings - AgMinute for May 5, 2014

In explaining key findings in its 2012 Census of Agriculture today, USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service noted record high agricultural sales despite severe drought in 2012. Click here for the full story

Fence the wolves in Yellowstone - AgMinute for May 2, 2014

The chairman of Idaho's House Agricultural Affairs Committee is advocating for a fence around Yellowstone National Park to protect surrounding ranchers from wolves. Click here for the full story

Study looks at mandatory labeling of GE foods - AgMinute for May 1, 2014

The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology has addressed issues associated with mandatory GE labeling at the state and federal levels, among them are legal and international trade implications. Click here for the full story

U.S. cattle on feed down 1 percent - AgMinute for April 30, 2014

Cattle on feed on April were down only slightly from year-ago levels, but placements into large feedlots during March were down 5 percent, surprising industry analysts. Click here for the full story

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