Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Can you hear me now?

OK, so you can't hear me now. But if your ears and my pride can handle it, you may be able to hear me soon. I have recorded a file that may become our first Capital Press podcast.

Now I need to figure out how and where to post it. So, depending on whether we post it on an in-house server or somewhere else, there may be a podcasty-ish file available this week. It may not be an actual podcast with its own RSS feed and available on iTunes. At least not yet. But it will be a podcast-style audio file. When I get it posted I'll share the link here.

If you are bold enough to listen, bring your earplugs.


I may have a great face for radio but my voice is perfectly suited for newspapers.

You know how they say that sometimes you should talk to houseplants to make them grow? Well, whatever you do don't play the audio file anywhere near any growing crops or house plants because it will kill them for sure. And you may not want to listen through earphones, because you probably don't want that sound being piped in so close to the brain.

And keep the pets, livestock and small children away too.

Come to think of it, maybe the file would be good for Halloween sound effects if you are doing a haunted house or want to keep small children from trick-or-treating at your door.

Holy cow, what am I getting myself into here?

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