Wednesday, October 25, 2006

No habla patella, por favor

I need a lesson in rheumatoid meteorology. My knee is sure aching and I don't know why. I remember as a youngster my grandmother would confidently tell me, and anyone else within earshot, of various weather conditions we could expect based on an ache or pain in some joint or the other.

I thought it just granny spreadin' the manure a little thick at the time. Now, I'm not so sure.

I do know for a fact that weather, and temperature, can make a big difference in my own mobility. I misguided attempt at playing high school basketball left me with a lot of splinters in my fanny from riding the bench and knees that felt like they were filled with gravel.

However, after 10 years living in the warm climates of Southern and Central California, I sort of forgot about my poor aching knees because they just didn't ache very much. But now, with fall setting in, and a chill in the air, one knee in particular is screaming for attention. I tell it to shut up, it was obviously neglected too long because it just screams back.

The weather forecast I saw this morning said it was going to be cool but dry the next several days. My knee is telling me something different, at least I think it is. My knee an I are expecting rain.

Either that or I need a translator. Does anyone speak patella?

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