Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dressing pets for Halloween – the sequel

Not all pets hate dressing up for Halloween. Today, one of my fellow Capital Press colleagues presented visual evidence that sometimes dogs enjoy the once-a-year chance to try a new outfit.

After all, dressing up means a W-A-L-K is coming soon. (And every dog knows you just can’t get enough walks in life.) And of course, mingling with other doggie peers walking their masters on Halloween is another highlight in a dog’s day.

The pictures taken this year show when Debbie was feeling extremely ambitious in the past and didn’t just squish the dog into a store-bought unoriginal outfit, but actually made the outfit herself.

“We call it her “witch” costume,” explained Debbie. “By the way I have never sewn her another one no matter how much the girls beg, I had another name for the costume by the time I was done with it.”

While the outfit was made years ago, the same outfit is pulled out each Halloween. "Yes, we are cruel enough that we make her wear that item every year."

The dog wasn't the only one who suffered for the sake of an outfit, however, according to Debbie.

"It probably took about 2 or 3 hours total because it had all those little jagged pieces — a seamstress I'm not — notice the word stress in seamstress — yes, that's me. But hey, it's a lot better than the complicated ones my kids pick out. And yes she gets to wear it every year — because I won't make another."

I do hope Debbie let her kids change their outfits each year. Humans are a bit more sensitive about things like that than animals.

Of course, there are more cruel things a person can do to their animal during this spooky season.

Tomorrow I take our playful, trusting kitten to the vet to be neutered.

That should be enough to scare off any future stray kittens from wandering into our yard like he did a couple months ago.

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megan said...

I think that this dog looks positively adorable.I love the hat. And the cape good job on making the costume.

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