Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Off to a sound start — or maybe not

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was trying to get the wheels turning on starting some sort of podcast, which would be either for this site or our Capital Press website. Well, sometimes the wheels turn more slowly than I would like. But I have located some music I think will work for an intro, thanks to staff writer Mitch Lies (pronounced LEES).

Mitch covers a variety of agriculture issues out of our Salem office, including the Oregon Legislature. But when he isn't covering the intricacies or state politics or the complexities of grass seed production or some other important farm issue, you can sometime find him performing at one of the local clubs around the Salem area.

Mitch was kind enough to loan the Capital Press a copy of a CD of songs he wrote and recorded a few years ago. So once I can figure out the audio recording software I found (and can get over the jitters of actually recording my own speaking voice, not to mention figuring out how to upload an audio file as a podcast and all that other technical stuff) I may actually get episode 1 recorded.

But I'm guessing that little venture is probably still a week away from completion, maybe more, since I have no clue what I'm doing and I hate that whole being clueless thing. Maybe I should ask my 15-year-old daughter to teach me how to do a podcast. She could probably figure it out.

I wonder if I could talk her into actually being the podcaster. Do you think I'd have to pay her?

No, that would probably never work. She wouldn't want to talk important agricultural issues, like which is better, John Deere or New Holland? Or organic vs. conventional agriculture. She'd probably rather explore things like who's better, Fall Out Boy or Death Cab for Cutie. Like I'd know the difference. I'm lucky I even know they are bands. I find I have to plug words and phrases she says into a web search engine to figure out what she's talking about most of the time.

Do farmers and ranchers even listen to Death Cab for Cutie? And just who is this cutie anyway? How cute is he or she? And why would he/she want to have anything to do with a cab of death?


We are a few small steps closer to a podcast. Come to think of it music theme does have some appeal. Maybe a top 10 list of songs to bale hay to. Or how about the top 10 songs about farm animals or implements?

OK, so maybe I'm not quite as close to launching a podcast as I thought.

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