Thursday, October 26, 2006

Deciding what's really important in life

With the bloodshed in Iraq continuing and tensions mounting over North Korea and Iran, my thoughts and prayers on this day are, naturally, with the Oregon State University football team as they do battle Saturday with the Trojans of USC. The Beavers, of course, are picked to take second place in the brawl, with USC expected to come in next to last.

The matchup reminds me of one that took place in 1967 when the top-ranked Trojans came to play the Beavers in Corvallis. I've bored my friends for years by recounting how I was at that game. Now it's your turn. Sorry.

I was sitting in the south end zone with my dad when USC ran onto the field. They were huge, every last one of them. Then the Beavers took the field. There were little ones and big ones, short ones and fat ones. They looked like a high school team standing across from the Trojans. I thought, this doesn't look good.

The Trojans had the ball first, and O.J. Simpson broke through the line and juked his way downfield right off the bat for a 60-yard gain. I thought, this doesn't look good.

Both teams battled ferociously in the mud of Parker Stadium, with OSU managing to kick a field goal for the only score of the game. The Beavers could have scored two touchdowns, but fullback Bill "Earthquake" Enyart dropped the ball while rumbling toward the end zone. OSU hung on to win 3-0. The crowd went nuts. The famous "Giant Killers" of Oregon State had done it again.

I think the attendance must have been about 500,000, given the numbers of people who've since said they were at that game. But I was there, by golly. And I'll be watching Saturday on TV. Hey, lightning could strike twice.

Go Beavers.

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Gary L. West said...

You should have been there this year too Tim. It was well worth the price of admission. Reiser rocked, the Beavers rolled and the Trojans fell.

Go Beavs!

By the way, I owe a huge thanks to fellow Beaver fan and Capital Press Ad Director Greg Hains for making sure I didn't miss OSU's stunning upset of USC this year. Thanks Greg.

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