Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cute kids, farm animals and YouTube

So less than two years ago a couple of guys created this Internet company that basically allows people to share homemade videos, most of which we wouldn't want to watch if they were our best friends or family members, over the Internet. And now Internet-tech behemoth Google decides to buy them for $1.65 billion (click here for the AP story).

So why is it farmers bust their humps for so little return, year after year, decade after decade? It has to be for the love of the life, the land and the magic of taking part in the cycle of life.

Life on the family farm is quickly disappearing from the collective consciousness of many Americans. But the following video shows that there is still magic there when you bring together a cute kid, farm animals and a little patch of ground were things grow.

And thanks to YouTube.com, you too can experience the magic without getting your shoes dirty.

By the way, if any of our readers have videos online related to agriculture in the West, let us know. If we like them and think they are appropriate, we'd be happy to share a link with our blog readers.

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