Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Beef strapped to a hog

And they say politics makes for strange bedfellows. Food marketing makes for some interesting entanglements too.

The Harley-Davidson motorcycle company is joining forces with a large agri-business company, ConAgra Foods, to promote a new product — beef jerky. The companies were scheduled to make the announcement today in Las Vegas at a trade show for the National Association of Convenience Stores.

Associated Press is reporting that Tom Parson, general manager of general merchandise (how's that for a title?) for Harley-Davidson, says this is the first time the iconic motorcycle company has agreed to use its name and log for a food product.

When I think of Harleys I think of a long of things, but food and beef jerky are nowhere near the top of the list. But wouldn't some sort of synergy with a pork product be more appropriate for the motorcycle affectionately known as a hog? Heck, even the Harley-Davidson Owners Group club of devoted Harley owners is known by its H.O.G.acronymm. I'd expect something more along the line of a food partnership with Johnsonville brats or Hormel deli ham or something.

But I guess beef jerky is easier to carry on a bike.

Suddenly I'm craving some dried, smoked meat and a have an urge to play blackjack. Or maybe play one of those slot machines where you have a chance to win a motorcycle. A Harley of course.

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