Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Color coded for your protection

I made a few changes to our blog template to address a comment from one of our in-house blog readers. One of our staff members (Yes, Elissa, I'm talking about you. Or was it Heather? It's late and I can't remember, but I tend to blame both of you for the trouble caused by either of you anyway) said that it was difficult to tell easily who wrote which posts. So, I've made a change to try to fix that.

I've added a "byline" at the top of each post that will tell whether Elaine or I wrote the post (the posted-by line remains at the bottom of each post too). I've also changed the color of the text on my posts. My posts are now in maroon-colored text.

So, now you can feel free to skip over the maroon posts ladies. Except this one of course. Because this one explains what's going on. But the rest, just skip right over them.

You can also feel free to put that right on your "To Do" list: Skip all maroon blog posts.

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