Friday, September 29, 2006

Make Gary's day: read his blogs and send kleenex

As we write our blogs, we often wonder who is our audience: where do they live, what do they do, what draws them to our website in the first place? Are they regular readers of Capital Press, are they from the Northwest or are they just people who happened to surf the web and found our pages?

My fellow blogger, Gary West, has put in a lot of extra effort in the last few weeks, from covering the rodeo in Pendleton each day to crawling out of his sickbed this week to his computer to tap out a few words.

There’s commitment. There’s enthusiasm. There’s … well, the man should receive a medal or at least an extra Capital Press coffee mug (the one with our new Capital Press logo on it).

Want to make Gary’s day?

Let him know if you’re reading the Capital Press blogs. Give feedback on what you think of what has been written, what you would like to see the blogs cover, and if we are offering enough on this site to entice you to come back to visit more than once.

Better yet, consider becoming a part of our Readers’ Advisory Panel. We always welcome more people to share their insight on how we cover things at Capital Press and what we can do better.

Also, let us know what you’re seeing and doing related to rural areas and agriculture. What events are happening in your hometowns? How was the harvest? What do you think of how agricultural issues are or are not being discussed in upcoming elections? What anecdote or slice of rural life can you share with us and fellow readers?

We look forward to hearing from you, and again … you’d really make Gary’s day.

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