Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ready to rodeo (blog-style)

Cowboy hat: Check
Wrangler jeans: Check
Justin boots: Check
Western shirts: Check
Leather belt with rodeo buckle: Of course!

Plus socks, clean underwear, shaving kit, a laptop computer, iPod loaded with enough country music to listen uninterrupted for 3.6 days (that's 1,438 songs in case you are curious).

That must mean I'm packed and ready for Round-Up. The Pendleton Round-Up that is. All that's left to do is throw the gear in the truck and hit the road. Although from the looks of the weather forecast I an my fellow Round-Up revelers will need our jackets and umbrellas (or hat covers) too. Chilly and rainy weather is predicted for Thursday through Saturday. Of course things clear up on Sunday, just in time to return home.

Well, I better get going. I've got miles to go before I reach the Umatilla County line and can bunk down for the night. But look for posts here and hopefully on tomorrow afternoon.

If you can't wait til thing for a Round-Up fix, check out the East Oregonian's coverage. They have enough stuff there to keep you busy until the buckin' bulls come home.

OK, I'm off. It's time to Let 'er Buck.

1 comment:

Gary L. West said...

Well, I made it. To Umatilla County at least. And I am in dial-up hell. How ever did I live with a dial-up modem for so many years? I guess times, and websites, were simpler then. But this is about as rural as it gets. Hopefully access will be better in Pendleton.
I also learned that I should have either activated more of my software on the new computer before I left home, or I should have brought the disks with me. So even with the fancy new machine, there may be some challenges the next couple of days. Well, I guess that's what makes life interesting. I better get to bed. Less than 12 hours until the Thursday Round-Up performance begins.
Lord help me.

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