Friday, September 22, 2006

How's the weather treatin' ya?

We have been hoping for some time to add some sort of weather feature onto the Capital Press website and now we have done it. The new feature is available thanks to a partnership with AccuWeather.

For most folks, weather is a source of small talk. If you don't know someone very well you can always talk about the weather. But for farmers and ranchers, weather is serious business. Weather is a key ally, or adversary, in growing food and fiber.

For Capital Press, finding the right weather component to feature has been a little more challenging than most newspapers face. Most newspapers are geographically based around one city. For us, we have information for and about farmers and ranchers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California, where weather and climatic conditions are quite diverse and weather is constantly changing. And our main office is located in Salem, Ore., but we have staff members based all over the region. So, we didn't want people to come to our site and find weather for Salem or and where else that our visitors might not be from. So, we opted to give our visitors the option to pick what area they want their forecast to cover. The feature, which is located near the top left-hand side of the page on our site, allows you to enter your ZIP code to get access to current conditions and a forecast in your neck of the woods, no matter where that neck might be.

So, on this first day of fall, we bring you a new tool to find out what you are in for, weather wise, while you are checking out the other news and information important to agriculture. We hope you find the feature useful today and in the days and months ahead.

It's just part of the ongoing evolution of our websites and our coverage of agriculture in the West.

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