Monday, September 11, 2006

Climate change package coming soon

This week at Capital Press we are busy putting together the final touches on a climate change package, the second installment of a three-part series we’re doing together with our sister newspapers in the East Oregonian Publishing Company.

Using our resources from various newspapers in different locations in the West helps give an interesting perspective to this upcoming special section. We have stories that look at the impact on crops, animals and forests, but our newspapers on the coast also picked up what happens to ocean life as the climate changes even a few degrees.

Tackling a large issue like climate change can be daunting: almost every day there seems to be research papers or political discussions in different parts of the world on how to deal with what appears to be definitely happening in our world. How can our newspapers stay on top of everything happening? The truth is, we can’t, especially not with modest resources of a small publishing company as we continue to also serve our readers — whether they are a farm audience, for the Capital Press, or a seaside audience like that of the Daily Astorian, or a mixed rural-urban audience like the East Oregonian serves.

But we tried to touch on some of the things that are happening in the West and put it into perspective on how climate change has already or may affect things that grow. This ranges from animals to plants to forests to sea life.

Our print edition carries the section on Sept. 22. Stay tuned to in upcoming weeks as we post our whole special section online, or see how the Daily Astorian's packaged the latest installment here. You and also see our previous installments of the series here.

Again, feedback is welcomed.

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