Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Do cowboys carry laptops?

OK, so sometimes maybe I overreact.

I found out Tuesday there is a bit of a snafu related to equipment availability this week. We just don't have enough laptop computers to go around. So my grand plan to post blog updates and updates to the Capital Press website from the Pendleton Round-Up later this week was looking pretty iffy.

So, I had an idea. I'd been thinking about getting a laptop computer for a while, and I had read recently about how the price of laptops were way down due to competition between chip manufacturers AMD and Intel. So I was thinking maybe the time was right to take the plunge.

So this is the first post from my new toy. So, it looks like the Round-Up posts have been saved.

I'm sure that's a relief to you all.

Hello? Is anyone out there? Well, if so I'll be making the first 2006 Round-Up post sometime Thursday afternoon Pacific time. Unless, that is I win Wednesday's Powerball drawing. In that case, you're on your own.

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