Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why only two?

From the AP via Capital Press' updated news ticker:

VISALIA, Calif. (AP) - A former state legislator is reviving the old debate that two Californias are more easily governed than one.

Conservative Republican Bill Maze is harnessing the ire of San Joaquin Valley farmers and others as he stumps for splitting the 13 coastal counties stretching from Los Angeles to Marin from California's other 45. To that end, he is selling sponsorships in his nonprofit California Farming Industries.

More than 300 people debated the idea Tuesday at a Constitutional Convention Summit.

Maze, who termed out of the Assembly last year, said he wants to put the question to the state's voters.

Californians have been faced with the issue 27 times, most recently in the early 1990s. Most efforts make good talk-show fodder, but don't go far.

If we're going to divide up the state, why stop at two? How 'bout let's split California in three -- North California, South California and Jefferson.

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