Friday, February 20, 2009

Central Valley rainfall: better, but still behind

In light of the Bureau of Reclamation's water cutbacks in California, these figures are interesting.

Here are the totals in selected valley towns for February rainfall, seasonal rainfall and comparisons to normal years, according to the National Weather Service. Totals are as of today.

Redding: month to date 7.57 inches (normal 3.78); season to date 15.96 inches (normal 21.91)
Sacramento: month to date 3.41 inches (normal 2.46); seasoon to date 9.55 inches (normal 12.30)
Modesto: month to date 1.82 inches (normal 1.66); season to date 3.09 inches (normal 4.22)
Fresno: month to date 2.2 inches (normal 1.4); season to date 5.92 inches (normal 6.93)
Bakersfield: month to date 1.52 inches (normal 0.76); season to date 3.59 (normal 3.82)

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