Monday, February 23, 2009

Echo, Oregon is Home to Scott Brown & Family

Scott Brown gave me a friendly tour of Echo, Oregon today. With a population of 650, it is a tiny satellite farm town just outside of Hermiston, Oregon. Echo is one of those tiny Oregon towns that are too just cute to avoid from a photographer's point of view. Scott was raised on a farm in Echo, where for 20 years his father, Steven Brown farmed raised dryland wheat.

Scott is a native of Echo, and is famous to many display advertisers of the Capital Press Ag Weekly in Eastern Oregon, as well as advertisers in Southern Washington. He also handles advertising for several other websites including which is the largest Farm website for real estate professionals in the West. Scott will be attending the Realtor's Land Institute regional meeting at the Pendleton Red Lion this week to answer questions about real estate advertising to area real estate professionals.

Scott's oldest 7-year-old daughter Annelise shared with me "she knows every little girl in town" and that she likes mushrooms on her pizza . She rambled off their names quite quickly off the top of her head.

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