Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Business Crackin’ for a Record Long Time at Colusa Farm Show

Clarence and Jan Davidson were the first people to sign up for the Colusa Farm Show 44 years ago. Their marriage is going strong after 53 years. Clarence and Jan are known for being the longest attending vendors since The Colusa Farm Show's opening.

Clarence told me a couple of years ago, his wife didn't attend, so he told her, "this year I’m giving away Gideons again" (meaning New Testament bibles) in addition to his regular selling nutcrackers. "I knew that would get her to come with me again."

Clarence, owner of his privately held Davebilt Company manufactures a rotary nutcracker of sorts,and nut gleaning tools.

His rotary nutcracker is a popular novelty for youth and old alike. All day at the show people can't help but want to crank his hand built machine. "I have thirty other vendors, two of which sell these online, but I am the only builder."

A father and visiting orchardist from Butte City told me his boys (Skyler and Caleb pictured) are influencing him to make a purchase. It was clear the machine works quickly, and makes a crunchy noise that makes the activity really seem fun.

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Clarence and Jan are an easy find just across from the Capital Press Booth #39 at the Colusa Farm Show.


Colusa Farm Show is the longest running farm show in California.

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