Tuesday, February 24, 2009

'Save our water and our rights'

On the news website A News Cafe, rancher Nancy Cameron of Happy Valley, Calif., makes a plea to the Shasta County Farm Bureau for help with the zero-for-ag water situation.

She writes, in part:

While I understand the drought situation we are experiencing, I cannot comprehend the need to jeopardize health, safety, food supply, environment and the livelihoods of so many people. [ ... ] For over 14 years I have raised hogs, Boer (meat) goats and Columbia sheep at this location and market the meat at local farmers’ markets. With the cost of feed and alfalfa on the rise I have been more and more dependent on pasture-feeding my animals. With no water there will be no pasture. With no water I will have 10 acres of dry land waiting to fuel the next fire and no way to protect myself when the fires come. With no water there will be no cover for the wildlife currently dwelling on my acreage. This wildlife includes covey of quail, pheasants, mallard ducks, deer and Canada geese. Are they of less importance than the animals on preserves?

Speaking of A News Cafe, writer Kelly Brewer linked to four news organizations' stories on the Central Valley Project water cutback. They were the New York Times, the Sacramento Bee, Reuters and Capital Press. Not bad company.

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