Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Closure Wings on Olive & Grape Harvesters are Not the Same.

Today at the Colusa Farm Show I learned a lot about precision machining from Robby Dobler. Their booth sits next to the Capital Press booth in the Main Exhibition Hall.

Robby couldn’t speak more highly of his father who started Dobler Imagineering thirty five years ago. His father, Darrell Dobler, he explained, is something of a genius when it comes to producing a final product. “If I could remember what half of what my Dad forgot, I’d be happy.”

"When you need to have a part of any kind made quickly, and for less than the price of what you might buy it new, Dobler Imagineering is all about that."

Be it plastic, metal, remakes, prototypes, metal work, farming, restaurant, and custom machine parts, conveyor parts, or even “that thing” that isn’t made anymore; they can make it. And they can make it cheaper.

I was curious to know why Dobler Imagineering was at the Colusa Farm Show. “We do the best precision machining around.” Robby said, “but these closure wings are the real reason we are here.”

So I asked, "What makes these closure wings special Robby?"

“Our product has twice the thickness on the wear strip. Closure wings are typically replaced on harvesters with an inferior product. For olive and grape harvesters, that means alot of money spent. Our harvester closure wings have twice the wear strip compared to our competitor’s. Theirs will last maybe 60-80 acres. Our product will last an entire season without changing.”

Robby Dobler shared with me he is a resident of Lodi, California and will return from the Colusa Farm Show on Thursday to his wife Carolyn, and his really “great kids”….a skateboarding 11 year old and two 8 year old gymnasts.

# # #
Truly a high precision problem solving machining firm,
Dobler Imagineering is based out of Victor, California.


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With events like this Im sure with its positivity it will only enhance smiles all around the world!

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