Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nature's big show

Self-proclaimed "Weather Geek" Scott Mobley, who works at my former paper, has been sort of an inspiration for some of my weather/drought stories this year. As I told him, I'm the generic to his name brand.

Here's what he did during last night's big thunderstorm in far Northern California.

Here in Geek land, we opened the windows, turned out the lights, dialed up some Tom Waits and enjoyed the show.

And what a show – the storm served up some of the fattest, most vivid lightning bolts this long-time weather watcher (who, admittedly, has spent almost his entire life in California) has ever seen.

The lightning flickered and cracked through a truly cathartic downpour that even managed to swamp Parkview (a south-central Redding banana belt so often skipped when heavy rain bands and training cells march up the western valley).

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