Friday, June 19, 2009

My mother's in the paper

She was interviewed for a Sacramento Bee story on the slow real estate market.

A snippet:

That explains why Cynthia Hearden's $459,000 house in Sacramento's Land Park neighborhood has been slow to sell since its March listing. It tells why Kathy McKnight in the city's Pocket neighborhood decided not to offer her house for sale after an agent suggested an asking price of $525,000, less than she had hoped.

Hearden, nearing retirement and aiming to downsize, showed one of the more creative responses to lack of move-ups. When she got an offer based on the potential buyer first selling her own house, Hearden waited as neither house moved. Then she looked at her potential buyer's $289,000 house in South Land Park, and proposed a trade accounting for price differences.

The other homeowner was interested, but even that deal fell through last week.

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