Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Australian scientists injecting pigs with swine flu

From the Geelong Advertiser:

GEELONG scientists are preparing to inject pigs with swine flu to see how it affects herds.

They would then be able to give pig farmers a list of symptoms to alert them to the unlikely scenario the H1N1 virus had jumped back to animals.

Australian Animal Health Laboratory assistant director Dr. Peter Daniels said the research was urgent given the recent outbreak of the disease, but he moved to reassure consumers there was no evidence of the animal disease, classic swine fever, in Australia and that pigs and pork posed no threat.

"It is the responsibility of the Australian Animal Health Laboratory to provide a diagnostic program for disease," Dr. Daniels said.

"It's part of our program to have Australia best prepared ... it's important that we do know how that particular strain of influenza virus does affect Australian pigs."

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