Thursday, June 11, 2009

County supervisor calls for Schwarzenegger's arrest

For stealing. From Shasta County Supervisor Less Baugh's open letter to the Brokenator:

What we cannot handle is your decision to take $6.3 million dollars right out of our bank account. You might as well hand us a lead life vest!

You call it borrowing. You say that we (Shasta County) will be partially repaid with interest.

I call it stealing.

You don't have the ability to pay your bills now and I don't believe you will have the ability to repay this loan with interest.

Meanwhile, Shasta County and all counties will be forced to pay the ultimate price for your mismanagement.

So what do I want Governor?

I want the Shasta County District Attorney to issue a warrant for your arrest. After all, grand theft is a crime. [ ... ]

Remember, Sir, when you steal from the county, you steal from the widows. You steal from the homeless. You steal from the veterans. You steal from every man, woman and child that we, the county, works so hard to serve.

The bottom line is this, Governor: Your proposal to suspend Proposition 1A, steal our local tax revenue and borrow your way out of your current fiscal mess on the backs of counties will not solve your budget problem, but will have a devastating impact on local government.

We cannot sustain a permanent take of gas tax funds. The elimination of CalWORKs may help solve your problem, but it places the entire burden on the county. You continue to mandate services and yet you propose a major shift of local revenue to the state.

We are working diligently to do our job, Governor.

Man up and do yours.

I keep remembering how Arnold promised to fix the state's budget mess when he was elected, and how he promised to be the "people's governor". Since he took office, things have gotten 10 times worse.


The Almond Doctor said...

They need to point the finger at the legislature as well as the general public. The legislature fails to pass a budget every year over petty differences. I Also never knew of a system in which more decisions are made by the public through propositions than by the elected officials. It is a pure shame that California has resorted to relying on the 49th worse public education system in the U.S. to provide our "lawmakers" education.

Tim Hearden said...

Good point. And knowing Supervisor Baugh, I don't think he'd disagree.

Anonymous said...

The Govenor said he wanted to give back to California. He lied. He's a theif and criminal.

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