Monday, August 06, 2007

Unfair Discount Offered to Weary Traveler

Mick Jagger said it, "You can't always get what you want." But believe me it can be even worse than that. Sometimes, "You get what you really didn't ask for."

I can remember some of my dance partners when I was younger were always trying to get into discos even though they were under aged. I always thought that as well, sort of a comedy. Somebody inevitably would be sent home out of the group. It seems sometimes when you want something so bad, and can't get it; you want it even worse.

That was not the case in my trip to Lubbock Texas. All I wanted was a well priced hotel room. I have an 10 ounce business card holder with every discount card I could think of. But the clerk at the Holiday Inn in Lubbock offered me a discount without requiring proof. I was in shock. She offered me a AARP discount.

Look, I was tired, and had been traveling since 3 o'clock in the morning. My defenses were down. When she offered me the AARP mind reeled. Is this what happens to a guy when he turns 50? All of a sudden there is a sign above your head where ever you go that says..."OLD"?

Thanks AARP. You botched the whole youth thing for me. All the gym workouts and the turning down of sweets, and not-smoking hasn't paid off to keep me looking younger? I became dizzy.

What to do? What this a transcendental experience designed to help me realize my mortality? What a nightmare. I thought to myself," Yep. Casey, you are old."

Purely mortifying. Do I give in? Am I rubbered stamped for life? It was bad enough when only 6 months ago to get the AARP propaganda in the mail. But with that comes an ounce of denial. You can throw them advertising out. Think to yourself that well, maybe they sent the flyers by mistake. I'm not really old.

I gave in.

I had to be honest with myself. "Yeah, I'll take the AARP discount." Sad state of affairs. But remember, if nothing else, just because you read this blog, doesn't really mean I'm old.

It just means you have too much time on your hands to read irrelevant information about me. I'm still really 36. Let me basque in my denial. You really aren't old unless you actually join AARP. I like the idea. Now maybe things are better.

- - - - -

Post Script: Today I felt better. I was happy that Black Bear Restaurant charged me a higher price for my hot turkey sandwich. (They could have charged me the Senior price for .50 less! I'm young again!

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