Thursday, August 02, 2007

BizTech student becomes Capital Press intern for a day

One of my favorite laments when it comes to using modern technology to report the news online using our websites or multimedia features is this:

"Sixteen year olds are doing this stuff on laptops from their homes, so why can't we?"

So, now I'm going to put my time (if not my money) where my mouth is and find out. Tomorrow (Friday, Aug. 3) the Capital Press staff will be joined by an intern for the day.

Suzanna Schuck, 16, will be covering the 17 th annual watermelon giveaway by growers and civic leaders from Hermiston, Ore., that is being held in downtown Portland.

Suzanna, who will be a junior the fall at BizTech High School on the John Marshall campus in Portland, has done some of her academic work in journalism/media. She also happens to be my daughter, so I was able to con her into working cheap.

So, at midday tomorrow, Suzanna and I are heading into downtown Portland to see what we can see, talk to whomever we can talk to and document some of the happenings going on in Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Suzanna and I both have roots in Umatilla County, which we each called home when we were a bit younger and we still have family and friends there. So we're gonna go talk to some folks from back home and try to share the story with folk who read this blog and the website.

I referred to Suzanna as an intern for the day, but I may have as much or more to learn out of the venture as she will. I'm hoping we will get some video out of the event that we can post online in some form or fashion. We probably won't get whatever video we can capture posted until next week, but we do plan to post some words and pictures here on Blogriculture and on sometime tomorrow afternoon.

So look for some stuff from Suzanna, and maybe from me, sometime tomorrow afternoon.

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