Monday, August 27, 2007

A new record

We've reached a milestone here at Blogriculture. This month we have posted more blog entries than ever before.

We have eclipsed our previous total of 37 entries set in a month that was set in September 2006. Elaine Shein, our executive editor, has done the bulk of the heavy lifting with her posts this month, but it was also good to see some entries from other team members. We also have added regular contributions every Friday from Kevin Duling.

If you like the observations our team members are making on a variety of issue, please take a moment to post a comment on their entries. They will be more likely to keep up their posting if they know people are reading them and appreciate the things they have to say.


Speaking of eclipses, there will be an eclipse of the lunar variety overnight tonight. Here in the Pacific time zone, the event will last from 1:51 a.m. Tuesday morning until 5:24 a.m., according to the folks at NASA. So if you are up real early to cut hay, or if you are out late cutting a rug, look up and catch some of the show.


As I mentioned earlier, last September was our previous top month for blog posts. That's in part because of multiple entries made last September related to the Pendleton Round-Up.
In a way, the Capital Press' entrance into blogging is tied to the annual fall rodeo. It was back in September 2005 when I made the first posts for what eventually evolved into the Blogriculture site related to the Capital Press coverage of the rodeo. Last year the blog was the focus of our coverage of that event.

For good or ill, the Capital Press won't be covering the Round-Up for 2007, at least not directly. We are going to rely on our sister paper, the East Oregonian for whatever rodeo coverage we will publish this year. The Round-Up is the signature event for the East Oregonian, and no devotes more time, energy and space to covering the rodeo and its related activities than the EO.

As for me, I'm going to do my part to help out our sister publication by lending them a hand during rodeo week. So, I may try to offer up a few dispatches from the Round-Up City if I can. but mostly I'm there to be just another hand helping out when and where needed to give their staff an opportunity to do what they do best. I suspect the best help I can offer for the week will be manning a computer and working a desk, rather than spending time in and around the arena watching cowboy and cowgirl athletes compete with, and against, some of the best livestock athletes around.

So, we won't be posting live updates from the arena this year, rodeo fans, but look to the East Oregonian for details and information on the Pendleton Round-Up leading up to and during its run Sept. 12-15.

This blog got its start at the rodeo, but it's grown a lot since September 2005. We hope that now that you've found it, you find something that interests you and keeps you coming back.

1 comment:

Elaine Shein said...

Thanks for leading the way for CP into the blogging world. Not only did you inspire the rest of us, but we're grateful for all the technical work you've done and training you provided with so much patience.

As for the eclipse ... it was clear skies here in the West, and by 3 a.m. it was a full lunar eclipse. It was impressive. The next one will be in the winter, when probably rainy skies will make it a bit tougher to witness.

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