Thursday, March 29, 2007

New team member added to blogging team

Every newsroom has its own character: personalities, egos, ambitions and priorities in life. Occasionally the priority is to put out a newspaper.

At Capital Press, the editorial department is a pretty-easy going kind of place. You'll never hear yelling, shouting, arguing or especially "Stop the press!" Part of that is because ... well, the press is across town at another newspaper company's building. "Stop that computer!" would be just downright silly to yell out even in the most newsworthy of moments.

When new people join our newspaper, we welcome them warmly and try to see how soon we can corrupt ... I mean, influence them. We eagerly seek ways to teach them about the newspaper but also about the community we're in: we share what it's like to live in this state, or even in the West, and try to encourage new people to see all that we have stumbled across in our own journey through life here.

And thus, that is how Tara S. Polinsky heard all about the Great Hairball. By day, she helps do newspaper layout, but when she's not at our office she's off exploring Oregon to see if we were telling her the truth about some of the things she'll find in the state. Such as the giant hairball.

Tara has agreed to become part of our blogging team so she can share some of her experiences and help people feel like they were actually there in some of these exciting places.

Hopefully fans of our blog will respond with feedback. And if anyone has any suggestions of other places to visit and things to see, please let us know.

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