Friday, March 09, 2007

Dairy deja vu

There's a story making the national Associated Press wire today about how California Dairies Inc., a large cooperative in the nation's largest dairy state, is asking it's members to sign on to a deal not to use a popular but controversial synthetic hormone.

The wire service is now picking up the story after a few other mainstream papers in California did stories on this issue.

I can certainly understand why this would make the national wires. After all, it deals with a big agricultural issue in a big agriculture state and could also have implications for a big international agriculture company, namely Monsanto and its product Posilac.

But the funny thing is. I feel like I read about this before. But where did I read that?

Oh, yea. I read it, and a lot of other folks did too, in the Feb. 9 California edition of Capital Press.

Bravo to reporter Cecilia Parsons for getting news out there to Capital Press readers. Sometimes it just takes other folks a while to catch on.

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