Friday, March 02, 2007

Making movies at CP, hold the Oscar

Winter makes it a bit trickier to drive the mountain passes, but heavy snowfall in the Cascade mountains of Oregon and the high desert near Sunriver, Ore. made for a wonderful creative backdrop for anyone who loves photography.

After the Oregon Dary Farmers annual convention wrapped up last week, I grabbed my camera and began shooting pictures. For a while, I've wanted to create a picture slideshow for the Capital Press website, and this allowed me to learn how to do it.

Thanks to Debbie Evans in our production department, the result is a short Quicktime movie that people can find on our website, Check out the multimedia area under our main menu on the left side or click here for a shortcut.

We hope in the future to have more of these types of items available, and also start mixing sound and images for a richer movie experience.

It won't win any Oscar nominations, but it's still nice to share with you our modest attempts at making movies.

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