Wednesday, March 21, 2007

During the first full day of spring, it’s appropriate to share with others across the country a cheerful image from here of our cherry blossoms, magnolias and daffodils near the state Capitol building in Salem, Ore.

This was taken last Saturday, before the rain knocked down some of the blossoms.

Seeing the first signs of spring here, I decided on the weekend to call my family back at the farm on the Canadian prairies. This is the time of year I think of the farm the most, the time of renewal, and most importantly, calving season.

My younger brother and my father are taking shifts day and night to ensure the calves are born safely. They’ve had more snow than usual, so there’s been extra work making sure the calves are warm and dry.

For those of us who have ties to raising cattle, this is such a busy time but also one of the best times. When calves are born healthy, when they’re accepted quickly by their mothers, when those calves begin to take their first steps and then soon start to run and jump and play … those are the times when we feel relief, pride and joy about the hard work we do on our farms.

I'll post pictures of calves and cattle another day, but for today I thought perhaps spring images from Salem might be more suitable.

Enjoy, and we welcome people to email us their pictures that we can share with others of what spring looks like wherever they may be.

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1 comment:

threecollie said...

So beautiful! Thank you for sharing all this loveliness with those of us who are still looking at muddy snow banks.

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