Monday, March 12, 2007

Another online ag resource worth exploring

I've added a new link to our blogroll for a site called If you are looking for podcasts and blogs about agriculture, it's worth checking out. They include not only links to blogs and podcasts about agriculture, but also include details on what their latest posts from those sites are.

"Everything is sorted by newest to oldest, so when you add a new one it will go to to the top and then work it's way down as newer files are available," says site creator Dwayne Leslie. "The newest 4 feeds are also on the homepage."

Thanks, Dwayne, for including our podcast on your directory. This could be a good resource for farmers wanting to know what is happening in other parts of the country. For the most part the links we've been putting on this site we have tried to limit to either West Coast specific sites, or general agriculture sites/blogs that might be of interest to West Coast farmers and ranchers. So, is a nice collection of ag-specific sites representing a broader geographic and commodity range of sites.

In a press release issued last month when the site what announced, the mission of the site was described as "the first website designed to help the farm media communicate better with farmers and the agriculture industry."

In the statement, Dwayne Leslie said, "Farmers spend more time with the radio than they do with any other form of media. Listening to audio content on their MP3 player is the natural progression so they can listen to the daily markets and news regardless of what time it is or where they may be. Having the opportunity to listen to specific programming from outside their regular listening area is also a huge benefit."

I would agree with Dwayne in that there is great potential out there for this sort of use for podcasts. It's very much a content-on-demand model, where farmers and ranchers can choose what they want to listen to and listen to it when and where they find it most convenient.

Thanks again, Dwayne. Check out his site. You are sure to find something there that will be useful or interesting for you if you care about agriculture. And it will be another place you can monitor to tell if we have a new podcast episode ready to download.

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