Monday, November 13, 2006

Two peas in a podcast

It's official, we have "launched" the Capital Press podcast, with not one but two, count 'em, 2!, episodes of our podcast.

Here's the story posted within the hour on the website:

Capital Press launches podcast

The Capital Press is adding to its Internet and multimedia offerings with the official launch today of a podcast.

Two episodes are available for download of the Farmers' Capital Press Agriculture Podcast, or Farmers' CAP.

In the latest episode, readers can get an auditory taste of some of the stories that will appear in the Nov. 17 editions of Capital Press.

Current plans call for posting a new podcast about once a week, however additional podcasts could be posted if interest or event warrant.

The first episode, which was made available to visitors of the Capital Press blog site, Blogriculture, last month featured audio clips from the newspaper's endorsement interviews with the candidates for Oregon governor.

A link to the pocasts can be found under the multimedia section at or by going to

The rss feed, which would allow you to add the rss feed for the podcast through an rss reader can be found at

To subcribe to the podcast using iTunes, click on this link.

I will confess that the podcast cannot yet be found in the iTunes directory. Apparently you have to create an iTunes account to do that, and of course the iTunes/Apple folks want credit card information in the hopes that you buy stuff on there. I didn't want to use my personal credit card to do that on a company computer, because we sometimes share computers here, or equipment gets swapped when there are upgrades and such. I didn't want my credit card information plugged into a machine here. And I don't have a company credit card — which given my interest in high-tech toys is quite prudent on the part of my employers!

So, that's one last detail to iron out on the whole podcasting thing, well besides just getting better at it (hopefully).

But we are officially podcasting — that is until we get the first reports of auditory injuries to those who dared listen to my voice, particularly on those little iPod earphones jammed straight into their ears.

I shudder to even think of the pain inflicted.

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