Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Taking games seriously

It's a bit humbling sometimes to work for a newspaper. So many people work to put news and information in each edition that is as timely, relevant and informative as possible. So after doing all that work, it's quite an ego check when you get calls from people -- not calling about the front page stories or the photos or calendar listings -- who want to complain because the wrong crossword puzzle ran in the paper.

It makes you realize that people don't all want the same thing out of their newspaper.

I ran into puzzle complaints with some regularity earlier in my career as most of the jobs I've had were at so-called "mainstream" newspapers. So when I came to the Capital Press in June 2005 I had some adjusting to do. It was quite different to work for a newspaper that was all agriculture, all the time.

In fact I was surprised to see that we were running a crossword puzzle. But we do. And just like every other paper I've worked at, all you had to do was leave the puzzle out one week, or make some sort of production mistake with the puzzle, to find out that even readers of this ol' farm paper like their crossword.

Well, if you are a puzzle person, you may be interested to know that the Capital Press website
will soon be featuring several puzzles for your brain-teasing enjoyment, including a crossword and a Sudoku puzzle. Once we get the new feature launched (which could be as early as Friday but more likely to be next week) we'll bring you new puzzles every day that you can do on your computer.

Now, we have to figure out is how to erase using a mouse.

Oh, and speaking of new features on the Capital Press website, we added an image gallery today featuring some of our recent editorial cartoons.

You know what they say, it's always something. Or should I say it's always something new on the Capital Press websites. Puzzles, image galleries, podcasts, blogs.

Oh, and we report farm and ranch news too.


I'm off the next couple of days, spending Turkey Day with my daughter and cheering on Oregon State in Friday's Civil War fooball game against the dreaded Ducks from Eugene.

So have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone (yes, even you Ducks out there).

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