Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Putting the election to bed

Well, I've watched enough election drama for tonight and made my final post for the night on the Capital Press website. Tomorrow, is production day for Capital Press, and we will be working to put some analysis of how tonight's election results will effect agriculture in California, Oregon, Idaho and Washington.

There will undoubtedly be fallout for farmers and rancher, both positive and negative, as there always is when politics is involved.

The big question in my mind is what Democrats nationally think the message was from voters who have turned over control of the U.S. House of Representatives to Democrats, and could still gain control of the Senate when all the final counting is done.

Have farmers and ranchers abandoned the Democratic Party, or have Democrats abandoned the people who grow food and fiber? Can they find common ground again? That will be vitally important to how the 2007 Farm Bill plays out. Of course the agriculture community is not completely unified on issues that will be central to the farm bill either, like crop subsidies and who should, or should not, be getting them.

I'll let the "experts" sort it out. I'm going to take a moderate position, smack dab in between the sheets of my bed.

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