Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Klamath Basin meeting agenda set

From the Klamath Basin Coordinating Council:


February 24, 2011, 9 am
Running Y Conference Center, Klamath Falls, Oregon

1. Introductions and review agenda.

2. General public comment.

3. Approve summary from December 15, 2010 KBCC meeting (Ed Sheets).

4. Review status of implementing the Hydroelectric Settlement (Tim Hemstreet).

5. Status report on Power for Water Management Program

a. Klamath Basin Power Alliance formation
b. Communications plan.
c. Eligibility for power program.
d. Federal power program.

6. Status report on development of Klamath Fisheries Restoration and Monitoring Plan
(Klamath Fish Managers).

7. Review KBRA implementation.

a. Funding for Klamath Basin activities in FY 2012 Budget (Laidlaw).
b. Discuss KBRA budget review (Sheets).
c. Review workplan and schedule for implementing Restoration Agreement

8. Status report on Interim Technical Advisory Team (Sheets).

9. Review status of draft Drought Plan (Drought Plan Lead Entity).

10. Discuss status of draft FACA charters for Klamath Basin Advisory Council and
Technical Advisory Team.

11. Discuss communications and outreach plan (Ed Sheets, Craig Tucker and Glen

12. Public comment period.

13. Discuss next steps for April 7th KBCC meeting in Fortuna, California.

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