Monday, February 07, 2011

Farm futurist visits Chico State

From the California State University-Chico College of Agriculture:

Dr. Lowell Catlett, dean of the College of Agriculture, Consumer Affairs and Environmental Sciences at New Mexico State University, visited California State University, Chico on Feb. 3. CSU, Chico College of Agriculture and Butte County Farm Bureau arranged for Dr. Catlett to conduct a seminar for students, faculty and staff at 9 a.m. on “The Next Green Revolution: How to Feed a Hungry World and Keep Mother Nature Happy.”

Dr. Catlett’s seminar focused on the future of agriculture and how it will change. Whereas the last “green revolution” evolved to produce enough food to get calories into peoples’ bodies, Catlett said the next green revolution will need to do the same while also considering the environmental and social ramifications of how food is produced. He said “To have healthy humans you can’t separate them from plants, animals, and other people.” Dr. Catlett said, “There will be a next green revolution, it will feed a hungry world and we will be more in touch with Mother Nature.”

Dr. Catlett also gave students advice on how he believes they can find success. He emphasized to students to find a career they love because they will do well in it and be good at it. After the seminar, Kayla Pauwels, a senior in animal science, said, “Dr. Catlett’s seminar motivated me to find something I love to do and become good at it, but be open to other experiences.” She explained that she enjoyed the seminar and found it quite informative and interesting.

After the seminar, Dr. Catlett spent the day at CSU, Chico College of Agriculture speaking with students in agribusiness classes. He was also featured as a key note speaker at the Butte County Farm Bureau Dinner at CSU, Chico the evening of Feb. 3.

I interviewed Catlett for a story on the future of farming that I did in September. Fascinating fellow.

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