Sunday, February 20, 2011

CCA president attends White House event

From the California Cattlemen's Association:

California Cattlemen’s Association President Kevin Kester, a rancher from Parkfield, Calif., was in our nation’s capital yesterday to represent California beef producers at a White House event focused on lasting conservation of the outdoor spaces that power our nation’s economy, shape our culture and build our outdoor traditions.

The event was centered around the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative, which was established by President Obama on April 16, 2010, when he charged the Secretaries of the Departments of the Interior and Agriculture, the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality to develop a 21st century conservation and recreation strategy based on the priorities of American communities. CCA has been involved with the initiative’s evolution from the beginning to ensure that the perspective of landowners remains paramount in the discussion.

CCA officers and staff attended meetings throughout the state last year to share comments and concerns about the initiative and represent ranchers and their outstanding stewardship of our national resources and open spaces.

According to the Obama Administration, this initiative seeks to reinvigorate our approach to conservation and reconnect Americans, especially young people, with the lands and waters that are used for farming and ranching, hunting and fishing, and for families to spend quality time together.

According to Kester, the initiative provides opportunities for private landowners to share their perspective to help Americans interested in the outdoors realize the importance of ranching and private property ownership to land management in our state and across the country.

“Family ranches steward both public and private land across California and the entire nation, contributing to local economies and creating healthy landscapes that support their families and benefit the public,” Kester said. “By keeping land in agriculture production and avoiding decision-making aimed at centralized designation that reduce management of our nation’s lands, we are ensuring the future of American traditions, keeping space open for all to enjoy and providing wholesome nutrition for all Americans. CCA appreciates the Administration’s continued invitations to participate and hope to see this initiative foster the types of partnerships necessary for farmers and ranchers to continue the admirable work they have done for our country for generations.”

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