Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tired restaurant cliches

The Chicago Tribune's dining staff has come up with nine phrases they think should be banned from restaurant menus.

A few samples:

--"World famous"

Having a German tourist say she liked your chicken salad does not make it world-famous.

--"Kobe burger"

If it grazed in Idaho, it's not Kobe. It's only Kobe if it comes from the Kobe region in Japan. [ ... ]

--"Garden Fresh"

Rick Bayless garnishes with microgreens grown in his Bucktown garden. He has the right to say garden fresh. You don't, Subway. [ ... ]

--"Melt in your mouth"

If a piece of steak literally or even figuratively melts in your mouth, there's a good chance it's not steak.

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