Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Studies outline environmental threats, opportunities

New environmental studies are drawing similar messages for farmers: a healthy future requires significant changes in production and water-use practices.

A UC Davis study says climate change is bringing a reduction of the winter chill that fruit and nut crops require. Farmers need to start considering long-term temperature trends when selecting tree varieties, the study says.

A Pacific Institute study, meanwhile, says that if California agriculture is to maintain its world leadership in quality production, it must continue to improve water efficiency.

This report says the water study "provides considerable ammunition to environmentalists in their fight with farmers over the West's dwindling water resources."

Many orchard growers would take exception, considering the investments they've made in computer-controlled equipment that injects each measured drop into the soil. But many producers can't yet afford that equipment. And significant numbers of growers still use flood irrigation for various crops, the study says.

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