Friday, July 31, 2009

The Clown Senator's opening act

He's only been on the Hill for a few weeks, and what's the first thing comedian-turned-Minnesota Sen. Al Franken does to get himself noticed?

Forge a compromise on health care legislation? Nope. Propose an amendment to cap and trade? Nuh-uh. Propose a bill to, say, give stimulus money to Midwestern farmers? Try again.

If you guessed he'd berate T. Boone Pickens for bankrolling television ads criticizing John Kerry during the presidential campaign five years ago, you'd be right on the mark.

Apparently Mr. Franken thinks he's still on the talk radio circuit.

It's sort of like what people have long said about California's two senators -- If you want to get something done, you call Sen. Feinstein; if you want to organize a protest, you call Sen. Boxer.

Oh well, what the heck. Sen. Boxer could use the company in the realm of blustery but inconsequential senators.


John said...

I am from The Clown Senator's great state of Minnesota. I did not and never will back this clown. The only way he got in was the UNIONS kept the recounts going until they got him in. He should just keep his mouth shut and learn for the first year. I agree that he must think that he is still on talk radio. What gives him the right to question what happened durning the campain years ago that he was not envoled in. Just keep your mouth shut and do not bring any more shame to the people of Minnesota.

Qui Bono? said...

I am fed up with the political hypocrisy of both the far left and the far right! Both sides will take money from anyone in order to fund their dirty tricks and push their agendas. I propose we sell tickets to a series of boxing matches between the likes of Pickens and Rush Limbaugh on one side, and George Soros and Michael Moore on the other side.Then have the government match the proceeds to fund the next election - with no PACs or private contributions allowed! It's time We The People started electing statesmen again instead of buying prepackaged "personalities."

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