Thursday, November 01, 2007

Early reviews less than glowing for Bush's ag secretary nominee

Is President Bush's nominee for secretary of agriculture, former North Dakota governor Ed Schafer, a good choice for western farmers and ranchers?

Most West Coast growers wold probably prefer to see someone from west of the Rockies in there, as U.S. agriculture policy already has a decidedly Midwestern slant.

Schafer, as an unconfirmed nominee, probably won't have much influence on action on the 2007 Farm Bill, which is currently warming up in the bullpen in the Senate.

But here's some of the reaction to Schafer's nomination circulating online:

Philip Brashear, a Washington, D.C., correspondent for the Des Moines Register shares some insight into what the relationship between Schafer and Senate ag committee chairman Tom Harkin may be like. In Brashear's blog post, it is apparent that Harkin isn't overwhelmed with Bush's choice.

"Nuke Gingrich" over at Nuke's News and Views credentials, but does point out the nominee's , didn't have anything to say about Schafer's resemblance to a Montana rancher who made a name for himself down Atlanta way.

Rob over at Say Anything Blog, comments that Schafer should be ag secretary, at least in part because of a comment he attributes to radio talk show host Ed Schultz, who took issue Schafer apparently.

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