Thursday, November 08, 2007

Country Music Association performances were refreshing

So … what did people think of the Country Music Association winners last night?

Anyone from a farm background has to appreciate the lyrics of some of the country music songs being recorded each year. There are songs that make us laugh, cry, reminisce or be proud of who we are and what we do.

One of the things that stood out during the evening is the incredible amount of talent there is in the country music industry:

There are the familiar faces who have performed for several decades, like Country Music Hall of Fame member George Strait, 55, still winning awards … and new stars such as Taylor Swift — born in 1989, and playing since she was 12 —who won the Horizon award.

Perhaps some of the most stunning performances were the simplest ones last night, where the performers stood on stage with perhaps only a microphone and one guitar player, allowing the voice and passion of the singer to hold the audience spellbound.

In an age where many performers like loud noise, gimmicks and wild lighting to capture attention of their fans, it’s refreshing and very effective to return to the roots of good music.

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Does it bug anyone else that anytime there’s some national entertainment show that is supposed to have suspense, people from the rest of the country forget us in the West and our time zone?

A couple of examples: the Country Music Association awards last night, and the Next Great American Band competition.

If you don’t want to know who the winners are in the CMAs and which bands lost in the band competition, then you better not go on their websites until after you finished watching your television shows on the West coast.

Because … whoever does the websites for those shows decided to post the results an hour or more before we find out the final results here.

Mind you, this works great if you wish to annoy friends and family.

“Hey, want to know who wins that category…?”

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threecollie said...

We watched them too, but were sad that our favorites, Emerson Drive, didn't win.

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