Friday, February 23, 2007

We hear you, now the world can hear you too

One of my favorite innovations that has stemmed out of blogging and been adopted by more mainstream media outlets is the option for readers of a post or story to add their comments. It enriches the reading experience for readers by giving them more details than were found in the original story or post.

Blogging has forced the media to be more interactive. That's not to say that people weren't sharing comments with ink-and-paper media before. People have always had the opportunity to also put ink and paper and write letters. Since its invention, the telephone has also offered people an opportunity to put their two cent in on how a newspaper has covered or not covered various issue.

Now, with digital voice-mail technology, we have an opportunity to capture comments from people who call us at Capital Press and share their comments back, as audio files, with visitors to our website.

This week we posted the first batch of what I hope will be many comments from readers who want to share their views and have those views shared back with readers. It's sort of like a way to call in a letter to the editor.

You can hear what some of our readers are saying for yourself through this link. I've also used some excerpts from those calls in episode 13 of our Farmers' CAP podcast. If you would like to leave a comment yourself about the Capital Press, Blogriculture, our podcast or an issue important to agriculture, you can let your voice be heard too by calling 800-285-6005. The call won't cost you a dime.

My thanks to our first batch of callers. Keep those comments coming — on the phone, in letters to the editor, on the blog or on the article comments on the website.

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