Monday, February 05, 2007

Thanks for the link, Dale Jr.

I just sent the following note to some members of the Capital Press staff:

Guess what website is referring the most traffic to our site today.

OK, I won’t keep you in suspense. It’s a website called NASCAR racing fans may realized that the website is a site devoted to one of auto racing’s most popular drivers, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

So far today we’ve got at least 72 visitors from that site. And so far in this young month we’ve had at least 294 visits coming from that site. Why, would NASCAR fans be coming to our site today and this month? It’s because of a link from the Dale Jr. site to ours, specifically to Butch Thurman’s rodeo column, which mentioned a bull riding event that Earnhardt was a host/sponsor for that was held recently.

We’ve also picked up at least a dozen links to our site from the Profession Bull Riders website,
To which I received the following reply from our executive editor and fellow Blogriculture blogger Elaine Shein:
From now on, EVERY blog, story, opinion piece, and breaking news item published on our website MUST include the following words;
Dale Earnhardt
Britney Spears

And any other words that you think will draw traffic. Well, except for the word sex. I can only imagine what type of messages angry web surfers will leave behind when they find out we are writing about artificial insemination instead of whatever they thought we were writing about.
Do you think she was kidding? I think she was kidding.

But I better start digging up some details on Britney just in case. If anyone sees anything about Britney and Dale Jr. starting a program to breed bulls for the PBR circuit on a ranch in California, please let me know.

By the way, have you noticed that pull riders and other rodeo cowboys are looking a lot more like NASCAR drivers in recent years with all those sponsorship patches all over the place?

Maybe farmers need to seek out endorsement deals to supplement their income.

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Anonymous said...

Egad! Note to self: be very, very careful when sending internal memos to Mr. West.
He may post them in Blogriculture ....

Gary L. West said...

Now, there's an idea. I can just mine my e-mail for blog topics! I wonder if I (or someone) could write a script to just forward all my e-mail messages right into blog post?

Could make for some interesting reading, now couldn't it!

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