Monday, March 07, 2011

Testicle Festival 'still hangin''

The actual press release for the annual Rocky Mountain oyster-eating fundraiser for the cowboy museum and Rotary club in Oakdale, Calif.:

Some say that the Oakdale Testicle Festival Committee was plain nuts when they came up with the idea to have a slogan contest celebrating the event’s 30th Anniversary. Creative minds threw out witty suggestions, innuendos and otherwise to the events website. There were 129 entries that festival committee members sifted through before coming up with a catchy phrase that was submitted by Escalon resident Jenny Nahhas. A woman? Yes guys, a woman. Jenny coined the slogan “30 Years and Still Hangin!” She found out about the contest on the internet and being a witty person, came up with several suggestions. She has never attended the event where bovine love parts are part of the menu but she’s willing to give em’ a try! Jenny won two tickets to the event and event merchandise!

The Annual Testicle Festival is co sponsored by the Oakdale Rotary Club and the Oakdale Cowboy Museum and will be held on Monday, March 28 at the FES Hall in Oakdale. Tickets are $50 each and includes dinner and a hosted bar. This is a fundraising event for both organizations and a raffle and live auction will also be held. To see more of the slogans submitted, buy tickets and event merchandise go to the website at

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crystal.cattle said...

What an awesome slogan! I would have loved to hear some of the others.

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