Monday, March 14, 2011

NFU sends condolences to Japan

From the National Farmers Union:

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (March 12, 2011) – At a meeting preceding the National Farmers Union (NFU) 109th Annual Convention in San Antonio, Texas, the NFU Board of Directors signed a letter lending support and condolences to the people of Japan in the wake of the tragic earthquake and tsunami.

“The members of the National Farmers Union of the United States extend our sympathy to the people of Japan and to our friends at JA Zenchu,” said NFU President Roger Johnson. “As farmers, ranchers and fishermen in the U.S., we are saddened to see the tragedy that struck your country. Words cannot express the dismay we feel as we see the destruction that has struck.”

“Our sympathy is with you and our prayers are for you,” said Johnson. “We want to help your members heal from that destruction in an appropriate manner. As the rebuilding and recovery process begins from this horrific tragedy, Farmers Union members from across the United States offer their support.”

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